Sculptor, Painter and Professor for Fine Arts

He lives in Aachen.
Born in Riesa/Elbe (Saxony) Germany, in 1929.
He studied sculpture and painting in Dusseldorf.

1949 first engagement as educator for youth and adults appointed by the city of Dusseldorf

since 1950 working as sculptor and painter, private and public orders, art design of churches and hospitals, design of streets and places, fountains included

1955 state examination as arts and crafts educator

1958 appointment as lecturer for fine arts at the Academy of Remscheid

1960 appointment as lecturer at the former Aachen Pedagogic-University,
later professor for fine arts and their didactic

1962 invention of the negative-form- and casting procedure for metals, which makes possible most complicated forms without welded seams, which cannot be cast by other procedures

1966 / 1971 tv-film shown in WDR III television / tv-film shown in Bavarian television

since 1986 professor for plastic design at Aachen University of Applied Sciences, faculty for design

1992-1994 dean of the faculty for design at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences

since 1995 free working as sculptor and painter

Benno Werth, 1968,
Foto: K.H. Krings